‘Kitoobero’ – A Six months old Infant’s Recipe


(Featured Image by Prossy Nabachenje, Acire Peter and Wangwe Samuel)

I recently had field work activities that involved demonstration classes in food preparation for mothers whose children were starting to eat food other than breast milk. Yes, its complementary feeding. (You can google it!)

Any way, complementary feeding comes with a lot of issues. Just ask moms! In light of solving one issue- ‘how do you give toothless infants food that isn’t Irish potatoes?’

Well, if you are one unfortunate mom whose made it to a nutrition unit you probably know the recipe- (the working mom, apparently their infants are contributing to the cases of severe acute malnutrition. Its not news anymore!).

So I was requested by a number to share the magic recipe. I also learnt this recipe from Mwana mugimu Nutrition Unit in Mulago. Hmm, our own- very Ugandan magic recipe to keep Infants well nourished. Hope you try it out. And if you can call a nutritionist to do a practical session one-on-one.

(2 proteins- 1 carbohydrate)

2 proteins (1 Legume + 1 animal protein)
1 carbohydrate
Iodized table salt

Special Equipment – Tiffini (aka box* in local language)

Cooking Time – 1 hour and 30 minutes

Method (e.g Beans+ Silver fish and Cassava)
1. Place 2 palms of uncased beans in the tiffini
2. Add 1 teaspoon of silver fish
3. To the tiffini, add 1 palm of cassava cubes
4. Add a pinch of salt
5. Add water to cover (excess is better since it can be poured off after cooking)
6. Cover the tiffini tightly to seal
7. Cook by steaming method

1. Pour off excess water and safely store
2. Mash to a fine mixture (Use the excess water if necessary)
3. Serve half for one meal
4. Safely store the balance for the next meal

Previous Preparation
1. Pound the dry silver fish to a powder
2. Soak the beans in water overnight to soften bean casings
3. Remove the bean casings to expose the seeds
4. Peel cassava tubers and slice them into cubes

If beef, goat’s meat, fish, mutton, lamb, liver etc. measure a fist – Scrape all meats with a knife after measuring a fist
Slice all tubers before measuring a palm
Soak all dry legumes overnight to remove seed casing
You may use raw eggs beaten or milk as a liquid in place of an animal protein
Pound ground nuts into a powder and measure in palms
Possible recipes include (Cowpeas+ chicken and yams, ground nuts+ liver and matooke, green peas+ egg and millet, etc.)

And there you have it, do not feed your infants soup while you lavish on beef for the unfair excuse that they are toothless! Now you know, do the right way for your precious little one.


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